About Us

THE 18 LANE, your go-to online loose gemstones and gemstones bracelets/mala store for the best selection of precious and semi precious gemstones. We specialize in Yellow and Blue Sapphires, Rubies, Corals, Opal, Emerald, etc and we are committed to providing high-quality pieces at affordable prices. At THE 18 LANE, we believe that every piece gemstone tells a story. We have something for every occasion and budget. Our team of expert Gemologists hand-selects each piece to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards, and we stand behind every purchase with a satisfaction guarantee. Thank you for choosing THE 18 LANE for all your gems needs. The 18 Lane is the brand – product of company True Knock Industries Pvt. Ltd. We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece to add to your collection.

Everyone deserves to enjoy crystals and minerals, and the opportunity to feel like they are a part, rather than apart. It is said that each Gemstone has unique properties and energies to heal different aspects of our life. When held in your hand, placed on the body or added somewhere in your home or office these stones connect us to the Earth’s subtle healing power, enhancing balance, relaxation, protection, creativity, happiness and love.

We Provide Natural & Certified Gemstones with Lab-Test Certificate/Card.